Preview: Secret Garden

Previews for two new pieces!!

One is a very involved drawing with peonies, it will be 15″ by 22″.  Peonies are one of my favorite flowers, and they are something I associate with my childhood. Peonies in the Language of Flowers mean shame or bashful.  I used reference from the peonies in our garden this summer. 


The other piece is part of a multi-drawing work that is inspired by the myth of the talisman. Each individual component is 5″ by 7″. I am hoping to start wih five of these “talisman” images, and then move onto a new series of similar images, or develop the idea into a larger scale work.

My previous body of work from 2011 involved symbology and metaphor in a general way.  I tried to gear the pieces towards the female figure to try to explore the idea of identity. Looking back, I feel that those pieces were more emotional self-portraiture.

These new works from 2012 are more specific in their symbology and making a turn towards mythology.  I want to share my love for the mysteriously beautiful and sometimes fearsome nature that is always around us, and inspires our personal myths.


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