I originally did a piece with chrysanthemums in my senior year for my thesis show.  This was the last piece I made for the thesis show, so the drawing style is a bit different. I really enjoyed drawing out the flowers, so I wanted to make a new non-figurative piece using chrysanthemums.

All Your Pretty Things 2011



I just finished drawing the chrysanthemums on the front side of the mylar.

To add some texture, I’m putting some acrylic washes on the back side of the mylar.

I started with a white acrylic wash is a sort of splash effect.

After it dried completely, I applied a black wash on top so the white area will stand out.

The shape of the wash mimics the effect of the petals of the chrysanthemums.

This whole sheet will become a background for another drawing (it’s a surprise!), so it will be toned down when another sheet of frosted mylar is laying on top.  The wash effect is much more agitated than the original drawing, so the flowers blend in more, this will make the drawing that goes on top stand out as the focal point.

I’m thinking about making a second piece to make a diptych. Since this is a small, vertically oriented piece I think it will work well even if they are framed separately.  I’ve just started sketching some new flowers, so I’ll do another update in a few days with a preview!


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