Finished (maybe?) the peony drawing with creepy eyes! The only alteration I am considering is adding more layers of wash to the background layers. In person, there is a sense of atmosphere with multiple sheets of wash, I think it makes it look more dimensional, but perhaps not. Anyway, after depleting my light color stash, here are the results.

I decided to add some of the leaves and buds to this image to add some visual interest and to make sure that the eyes didn’t stand out too severly. The color in the flowers is less rainbow-ish than in Keep in Sight and focuses more on cool shades and greys.

The final size is 15″x22″, a standard size (one of many things I learned from my thesis) for matting. I’ll post a picture of how it looks mounted and matted when I make up my mind on calling this complete!

P.S. Stay tuned for a preview of my next pieces in a couple days! 🙂


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