Baby Bird and Friends

I recently entered a little online competition called Healing Arts 2 through The Artistic Circle. The entries are being judged by public votes. Please check out the site and place a vote for your favorite artist! (You can place multiple votes if you like a couple artists, my pieces are listed under Amanda Coe). The link for the gallery of entries is: Gallery. The link for the voting page is: Voting Form. You only need a valid email address, they are not sending an email confirmation to your email address, but there is a confirmation screen. The voting ends in just over a week from today. I submitted three images, including this waterlily piece called  Purity. 

My koi fish piece, renamed Swim with Shadows, was awarded Special Recognition in Light, Space and Time Online Gallery’s Animals exhibition. You can see the exhibition here: Animals 2012.  You can see my work in the “Painting and Other” category.

I completed the first new chrysanthemum drawing last weekend, here’s the finished product:

…And a detail of the birdie…

Good enough to fool the studio assistant!

I’m pretty happy with how this little guy turned out. Now I just need to come up with a name! If you have any ideas please leave a comment! The sister piece is much more complicated in terms of rendering, but I’m determined to follow through on this diptych idea!


2 thoughts on “Baby Bird and Friends

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