Amulet Mini Series

The five amulet pieces are complete! They are all 5″x7″ with the drawing on frosted mylar, and the background wash on a separate piece of Yupo.

Yupo is another type of synthetic paper that is completely tree-free! Yupo has a completely smooth surface, where frosted Mylar has a bit of a “tooth” or as much as plastic can have. Watercolor washes dry more smoothly on Yupo, with less hard edges and pooling. I want to use this as my background sheets more often because of how well it works for washes.  Drawing on Yupo is possible but with colored pencil only a few layers are possible (even on the translucent version), it becomes unworkable much faster than frosted Mylar.

I buy my Yupo in separate large sheets on DickBlick . They also have a few other types of synthetic paper.

My favorites of this series are the shell and Petoskey stone. These are all typical items that someone would collect, but could also been seen as a type of amulet or charm. I think these pieces would be a good resting point in a formal show setting. I hope to have these objects , or similar objects make an appearance in future works that are on a larger scale.



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