Kire Wings


The wings are finished! 🙂 I have been studying Japanese aesthetics closely with the creation of my work since I graduated from Kendall. I am drawn to the ideas towards the beauty of impermanence and imperfection. You can find a decent general description of several types of Japanese Aesthetics from Stanford’s free encyclopedia.

I relate this drawing a bit to the idea of Kire (cut). The wings are removed from the bird, highlighting the fact that life can be “cut off” at any time. In fact, it reveals the essence of the bird, that it is merely another impermanence in a world of impermanent things, but no less beautiful.

I’m also gearing a lot of my new pieces to be a sort of Curiosity Cabinet, I think the combinations of different natural items, and the stark placement really identifies with the idea of a “collection”.  Also, I see my drawings as a different sort of preservation, perhaps more emotional/spiritual than scientific/logical.


This piece is pretty simple, based on my prior work, but there is a lot of effort in those feathers, they took a long time!  I  changed enhanced the natural color of the wings in my reference photo from a cool, kinda boring, brown, to cool grays and blues (do I do this to everything because I am a cool color person?).


Until next time, thank you for looking


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