Hopefully lots of you already know about this amazing Print Company. If you need business cards, postcards, stickers, or any ideas for marketing yourself; check out:!

(if you use the link above, you can get 10% off! Hooray!)

I just recently received my latest business cards, and other fun stuff in the mail! I was too excited and had to share my new goodies!

I still have some of my old business cards which are from VistaPrint, but I really wanted something a little more professional and visually interesting (I am an artist, after all!) I decided to order a small batch of Minicards with all different images, so I can make a nice spread at an art fair, or show my work causally to anyone I might meet in passing.

I’ve seen Moo’s cards before so I knew what to expect in terms of print quality, but I was curious about some of their other products, so I ordered a Stickerbook and some Postcards.

The stickers in the Stickerbook are square and just smaller than regular U.S. Stamps. Each sheet of six is perforated to tear out easily. Very cute, I don’t want to give any away! 🙂

Go Fish!

The postcards were what I really wanted to test, the VistaPrint options were not very appetizing no matter how cheap they were. The photo enhancement that Moo does on their end is somewhat apparent, I like how the colors turned out, especially on the mixed media pieces. I intentionally included a not-so-great photo of the piece called “Reliquish” just to see how noise comes across on the prints. I do see that there is some attempt to fix noise, sharpen, and enhance color. The card is glossy on both sides, a little interesting for a postcard to be written on, but I’m not complaining.


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