Excuse the hiatus…

So there is a pretty big lapse since my last post. I quit a job that was adding too much stress and mucking up my schedule; I’m already feeling some alleviation of the artist’s block I’ve been suffering lately. I’m loving my new job, and my schedule is getting back on track!

 I’m working on a few different pieces right now; progress shots in my next post! My other goal is to get a decent portion of work presentation ready, for some that means fully framed and other minor works just in mats alone.  I’ve been considering entering some art fairs and the season is approaching quickly.  I think this might be better way to get myself out in front of people and actually talking about my work again instead of just throwing up some images on Etsy or the like.  So for now I’m saving up Michael’s and JoAnn’s coupons and contemplating purchasing my own mat cutter.  The model I’m considering is a 60″ capacity tabletop Logan which will come in under $300 (much more affordable than my dream machine that wall mounts and costs around $2,400!) Mostly I need a bunch of small frames for my prints like the one below.  I’ll add more photos of the framing process, and maybe some display ideas in my next post!  



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