Getting My Little Ducks in a Row…

Finally some artwork gets to see the light of day!

I feel like a bit of a coupon/craft store nerd right now… I’ve spent the past few weekends saving coupons, and stalking the neighborhood craft stores’ framing departments for the best merchandise. I’ve had pretty good luck with prices, but I’m a bit picky about the frame and mat styles, which has narrowed my selection.

I have a few different kinds of frames and mats going on in this group. My major concern is the aesthetic appeal of each frame/mat combo, but I know if I end up selling at some craft fairs I need to provide multiple price points.  All of the frames on one-of-a-kind pieces are black, with white/ivory or black mats.  I hope most people are pretty comfortable fitting a black frame into their decor (especially for artwork). I also think all black frames makes a display of artwork look more gallery-like. I also think a kitsch-y group of all different frames or thrifted frames would be a good fit at craft fairs depending on the style of the artwork.

I’m in love with the Double Floating all Black mats on the two blue/brown prints.

A bit of advice to anyone shopping around for Standard Size Frames:

  • Investigate: Every individual craft store has different merchandise even if they are part of a chain. This is true of pretty much any retail chain, so it’s worth a tour of the closest stores to see who’s really got the goods!
  • It’s okay to be a picky customer: I am that crazy person who looks at every edge of the frames for nicks, and even the mats for discoloration, scratches, or bad cuts.  It’s worth the time to check, since the merchandise may not be checked on a regular basis (or not at all), and especially if you are selling the frame with your work.
  • Wall vs. Table: Make sure you check what type of hanging hardware is on the frame! I usually always get a wall frame because they are cheaper. (I can always prop it up on an easel for display) You can also buy replacement table frame backs (with the folding stand) which can convert a wall frame. (Sometimes it’s cheaper to buy a wall frame on sale and a replacement back with a coupon)
  • Pick up some Dust Free: A pressurized air canister really comes in handy (not just for dusting your keyboard!) Standard Frames often have lots of dust/particles in the edge of the frame or between the mat and glass. This is a really easy way to clean them out before inserting artwork.


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