Adjustment to the Anti-climax

So, yes, I finally graduated.  Unfortunately with this achievement has come a lack of an artistic compass and lack of funds/no jobs.  My plan for the past year and a half has been to move back home, taking a year off to build up my portfolio and bank account before going off to grad school.  I anticipated moving home to be a good change of pace, and a safe place to create.  Somehow, I feel more restrained here even though it’s not very different than being holed up in a studio apartment or the cubicle studios at KCAD.

I have been able to enter some shows, mostly with my already completed work.  A few are actual shows in gallery spaces, and some are online competitions for cash prizes.  I will be hearing back on a few of these in the next week and a half.  The first new works I’ve started are for a juried competition here in Michigan that was calling for small works not under the guidance of any instructor.  This gave me an opportunity to get myself going again after not drawing seriously for about a month.  I thought these small pieces (no larger than 12″ by 12″ framed) would be quite simple, but I’ve been working on a large scale for a year, with compostions with multiple elements.  I wanted to have the option to frame if I am accepted, so my workable space is about 5″ by 7″.  It took me a while to accept that these will not have the same impact as my regular work.  I decided to focus on one drawn element in each of the three pieces.  Two will have waterlilies, and I am debating on whether to do a fish on the third. This is the first one I’ve finished…

I’ve been thinking about how to proceed with my main body of work for a long time, most  of my brainstorming consists of searching through images online looking for a “spark”, and jotting down words, phrases, and lists in my sketchbook.  It can be very frustrating when hard work doesn’t really look like much at the end of the day. I’ve finally started my first major work since my thesis work at KCAD.  I want to show some of the steps involved in creating these pieces, so I’m taking pictures to keep myself motivated to finish.  The first few steps will be in my next post!


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